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Baviaans LodgeDirections    December 2, 2015
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Directions - The Road to Baviaans Lodge

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Lodge GPS Co-ordinates 33 46" 08' South / 24 06" 59' East

The journey to Baviaans Lodge is part of the wonderful adventure of traveling in the Eastern Cape. Stunning mountain scenery as well as picnic spots will enable you to relax and have many photo opportunities en route.

Once you reach the gravel roads, please take care and remember to be on the lookout for sharp corners and single lane road sections. If you have any doubts as to the directions or road conditions, please contact the Lodge prior to starting your journey.

Kindly remember to fill your vehicle fuel tanks at Kareedouw.

Cellphone reception on route.

On leaving the R62 at the Assegaaibosch station, there are normally only 2 cell phone reception points. The 1st is after you have turned left on the heights along the  Road  above the Kouga River Poort. The 2nd  at the Joubertskraal turnoff which is 6 km from the Lodge.

Please note there is no cell phone reception at the Lodge. A standard landline is normally available to guests.

Estimated travelling times to Baviaans Lodge

Times are estimated on an average speed of 120 km per hour on tar and 30 km per hour on gravel roads and 10 km per hour on 4x4 roads.

Via N2 ( and then R62)

Cape Town - Baviaans Lodge - 8 hours
George - Baviaans Lodge - 3 and a half hours
PLettenberg Bay- Baviaans Lodge - 2 and a half  hours
Port Elizabeth - Baviaans Lodge - 2 and a half hours

Via R62 Oudsthoorn - Baviaans Lodge - 4 hours

Via 4x4 Route( and through the Baviaanskloof along the R332 )

Patensie-Lodge via 4x4 6-7 hours ( NB Please note allow enough time !!!!!)
Willowmore-Lodge 4x4 5 hours ( NB Please note allow enough time !!!!!)
Directions from the following areas to the Baviaans Lodge.

Directions from Cape Town, Garden Route and Plettenberg Bay areas traveling via the N2

Travel along the N2 and pass over the Storms River Bridge. Take the next exit off the N2 ( about 20 minutes after Storms River) signposted for Kareedouw and travel over the mountains  until reaching the R62. Turn right here and go through Kareedouw (Please fill fuel tanks here) On leaving Kareedouw (About 2 km along the road) take a left exit marked Assegaaibosch station and leave the R62 here.

Directions from the Assegaaibosch Station Turn-Off along the R62

Cross over the low level bridge and turn left at the T junction (follow the Suuranys sign.) Travel up over the mountain pass ( about 20 minutes) crossing the Mountains, you will reach a T junction. Turn left here and follow the road until reaching a large river poort. Travel through the Kouga Poort and cross the Kouga River, climb out the Poort. (Take care on approaches to the Poort)

2 km after the river crossing, you will reach a left hand exit which is ( signposted) for Joubertskraal and Baviaans Lodge.

Turn left here and stay on this road until you reach the Lodge.

From this turn-off, the distance to the Lodge is 21 kilometers and travel time about 45 minutes. On the way, you will pass through a farm with pink buildings and green roofs. Travel on further and you will pass the turn-off to Joubertskraal.  Continue on to the Lodge.

(There is a cell phone signal at the Joubertskraal Turn-Off. if you are being collected at our pick up point, proceed on to the pick-up point about 2 km inside our boundary)

Directions from the Uniondale Area / Oudsthoorn along the R62

If you have decided to view the scenic Langkloof and are traveling via the R62 route, travel in the direction of Joubertina along the Langkloof and then on to Kareedouw. Pass through Kareedouw and turn off left at the Assegaaibosh Station sign and follow the directions as set out from this point.

Directions to the lodge from Port Elizabeth and nearby towns via N2

Travel along the N2 towards Plettenberg Bay and go past Humansdorp. Take the next left exit off the N2 after Humansdorp, signposted for Kareedouw R62 and GEORGE via the LANGKLOOF. Turn in the Langkloof direction and head for Kareedouw. About 2 Klms before Kareedouw, turn right at the Assegaaibosch Station sign and follow directions as set out from this point.

Via the Baviaanskloof (the R332 Road) and on to the Lodge along the 4x4 Route (Kouga-Baviaans 4X4 Trail )

Directions from Willowmore / Uniondale Areas along the Baviaanskloof road and via the 4x4 entry to the Lodge.

Travel South from Willowmore towards Patensie along the R332. About 80 km South, you will reach a farm Rus en Vrede on the right-hand side of the road, just after Studis and 6 kilometers before Sandvlakte. (If you get to Sandvlakte, you have gone too far. Turn around and go back about 6 km)

Turn right into the farm. Please stop at the farm to register  for the 4x4 part of the route. Kindly please pay part of your fee here for the route. Travel over the route (3 hours) and you will arrive at Baviaans Lodge. (See the map on our site for this route)

Directions from the  Patensie Area via Baviaanskloof road and 4x4 entry to the Lodge.

Travel north towards Willowmore. Pass Geelhoutbos, and then Sandvlakte and turn left into the next farm Rus en Vrede (about 6 klms after passing Sandvlakte)

Please stop at the farm here and pay your fee for the 4x4 route, which takes about 3 hours travel time to reach the Lodge.

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